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Hi beloved community


During the Coronavirus, we couldn't open the locker complexes, so all the classes moved to digital platforms - here for messaging and Zoom for teaching lessons.

Fortunately, all of this is behind us and we meet your

beautiful faces at the reception and training.

Despite all this, there was something very cute, special and light

about Zoom meetings - especially in the morning hours.

And there was something very connecting in the

messages we wrote here.

We are happy to inform you about something new 

that will give whoever chooses it a huge gift.


On Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we meet in the morning before we go out into the world, to the fast pace and the endless happenings outside, we have the opportunity to meet ourselves for a moment

and choose movement, breathing and energy that will

direct us the rest of the day Meet at 07:30 for a half an hour practice.

We invite you to open your mattresses in the living room of your home

We will open with light meditation and good breathing and continue with movement to awaken and illuminate all systems

from such a control you can only go up

-The locker room community

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