Beloved community

So we went back to the studio after half a year we were physically disconnected from each other.

Really exciting to see the enthusiasm and what has been happening here in recent weeks.

At the same time, we are aware of the problems that arose upon our return to activity and assure you that we are aware of them and pray for them with all our might.

In terms of reception and customer service - we are with a fairly new reception team [come and give fun to the news] and naturally there is a load of inquiries and questions. We are sorry for the unusually slow response times on our part, but every request is registered and should be answered!

As for the system of hours - every day we train more and more coaches and increase the system accordingly (yes, we also miss Queen Esther, but other good things will come later). Please be a little more patient with us. Promise that by the end of the month we are with a complete system that should serve us all faithfully.


We have a constant interest with waiting lists - because we are a place with a relatively young population - it has always been important for us to give maximum flexibility in registration [you can register for as many waiting lists as you want] and cancel registration for class [up to an hour before class]. Therefore, full waiting lists were always created, which were emptied before the lesson. This is not the most ideal thing but it is indeed the most flexible solution we have found.

We want to do an experiment on the matter and change the window to cancel the registration to a lesson two hours in advance - we estimate that the move will allow the waiting list to work better. Please give us feedback on the subject.


In addition, when we reopened it was important for us to show our appreciation to the loyal customers who stayed with us, and we allowed them to register two days in advance for classes. Unfortunately, this has created a complex situation for new customers, while they are unable to sign up for any class without a waiting list. We strive to create a cozy family cell here, where no one feels deprived, so from now on we will allow everyone to register 48 hours in advance. That is, except for the instrument classes, the registration for training will begin 48 hours in advance and not at eight o'clock as has been the case so far.

Loyal customers, you will always have a special corner in our heart [your customer status maintained in the system will always appear as loyal, and will be taken into account and as a key consideration in front of your every request] We are sorry we have no other benefit to give you and hope you understand how much we appreciate your loyalty!  


In light of the new situation and the clarification of matters after a complex year, we are forced to raise prices for new subscribers. So if you have a friend you want to attach to today's prices this is the time! Next week the price goes up.

Of course your price will remain as it is as long as you are with us.


Love you very much


Locker Room Management