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hi loved ones,

If you have reached this page, you are like 99% of our society - shocked and wounded by the recent period.
This is an abnormal situation! We must find a way out of it!
So as a society there are a million things that need to be done and changed. 
We believe that the small things that we, the citizens and the businesses, can do - will bring the light to society as a whole.
Everyone has to do their own math on how it changes and changes.
We as an institution, The Locker Room, thought and understood that our way to contribute is in the light that we know how to spread - to help people feel good, to improve the self-confidence and mood of our trainees.
In order to help during this time - we decided to promote a "back to normality grant" - why Gershiim - because normality is still far away - and only if we step in the direction we will arrive. And we are people of steps and movement and therefore in favor of starting to move in the direction.
We really believe that we will do good to those who join. And we believe that routine is important for everyone - a routine of fitness and healthy longevity.

*This grant is only for new customers who need a boost in the world of fitness


Leave details and we will get back to you today
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