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It's time to rejuvenate!


    Restore the body to its vitality 
    Clean it of accumulated waste 
    Restore cell function and blood flow
    Pick up the energy 
    Restore control and weight loss

A second before proceeding with explanations of the process, a little introduction:
at the beginning of the year
  We have a dream of starting to go through processes together as a community.

Start crystallizing and connecting in other ways outside of training frameworks.

We had several plans, one was the Retreat  To Sinai which unfortunately did not happen because of the corona [but will still happen after the holidays].

And the second was to go through a group spring cleansing process (Detox) towards the summer.

After a long winter there is no better gift, for ourselves, than to end this season and start the summer season with physical and spiritual detoxification. 

So we are happy to announce the date 24.6 today is the start of the cleanup.


What is our cleaning based on?

The cleaning process will be spread over 10 days.


·     3 days of preparation - which include cooked food, only gradually reducing harmful foods.

·     7 days of cleaning - which mainly includes live fruits and vegetables (without cooking).

·     The menu is balanced, rich and surprising.


You can read more in depth about the process on Kobe and Shirley's information page


How is this done?

·     A closed WhatsApp group and Facebook will be opened in which we will share relevant and interesting content.

·     Online Opening Meeting (Zoom) on 23/6/20 Tuesday at 20:30.

·     Entrance meeting for self-cleaning (zoom) on 26/6/20 Friday at 17:30 *.

·     Frontal summary meeting at Locker Room on 3/7/20 Friday *, graduation ceremony and surprise , important instructions for getting out of cleaning and tools for life itself.

·     Zoom sessions will be recorded and you can access them later as well. * Final times will be given later to registrants.

·     On Sunday 21/6 you will be provided with a list of recommended ingredients and more instructions.

·     Enjoy a great recipe booklet that will also be sent to you.

·     Answer questions arise and we will support throughout the process on a daily basis.

·     You will receive a lot of support and be exposed to a lot of fascinating knowledge that will remain at your service for the future.


We will go through the cleaning together in a closed group of our own. 
For this purpose, we recruited two experts in the field who will accompany us and guide us in the matter. It is important to emphasize that the attendants will be with us throughout the cleaning and will go through the entire process with us step by step.

At the end of the process you are supposed to hover over a cloud  :)  

The price for the workshop is 180 NIS for Locker Room subscribers [instead of 240 NIS]
Possibility to attach a spouse (even recommended).
The couple will be given the opportunity to enjoy entry to the locker room for training during the cleaning period at a nominal cost of 200 NIS.
  [Condition for receiving this price is with your joining the cleaning]

Please call to ask any question

A little about our lenders

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-09 at

Jacob Maman

Advises and accompanies health processes and natural nutrition

First of all this is my phone number for any question 052-4736285

All my life I have been involved in the field of food and beverage, catering and hospitality. There is nothing I love more than hosting and giving my guests a great service experience. I have spent many, many years in kitchens and lava rather from their health side.

Four years ago my first daughter was born, and with the all-too-special experience of being a parent, a deep call erupted from me to renew the (loose it must be said) connection with my body.

I studied and specialized in the field of natural health which is based on the findings and teachings of greats like Maimonides, Herbert Shelton, Dr. Henry Lindler and more. Studies during which I experimented with all sorts of nutritional ways that brought me to a deep familiarity with this amazing enterprise called my body, its understanding and process of reconciliation and peace with it.

I realized that I must spread the word and try to help and influence for the better by passing this knowledge on to people, and actually giving them tools on how to take care of themselves, how to get back on track and reclaim our basic right as human beings to live healthy lives.

So these days I am both a businessman and also accompanying people in change processes for better and more natural health.

Waiting and looking forward to meeting each and every one of you in the wonderful way of cleansing the body.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-09 at 15.57.41 (1

Shirley where

Consultant and supervisor of nutrition, sports and natural health processes

Available for any question  054-3300814

As an overweight girl who grew up to be an overweight woman, experienced in countless diets and discourages - it was clear to me that it was possible otherwise. I just did not know how. My whole environment knew how to talk only "calories" - allowed / forbidden, fattening / thin and the matter is really tired and will frustrate me.

At the age of 36, after a significant change I went through, I decided to change vocation and occupation, and I turned my hobby into a profession.
I lost over 20 pounds, completed an instructor course at Wingate and began coaching children, teens and adults, in running groups and functional fitness.

The subject of nutrition did not leave me and I decided to delve into it, so that I could lead people and especially youth who would grow up differently. That we will all understand that there is quality and there are biochemical laws that the body works by, more than it understands "calorie", and especially that one can live in peace with eating and make the connection between health and weight loss.
Only thanks to an understanding of natural health was I able to get rid of the skin asthma I had suffered from for many years, lose weight and maintain it even after fluctuations of pregnancy and childbirth.

Today, a mother of 4 children, coming of age 44, I am making natural health as worldly as possible and so am raising my children. 
I believe that it is possible without drugs, that it is possible without counting calories, that it is possible to live independently of an external thing - that everything comes from within from proper conduct according to the laws of nature. Is there anything stronger than the laws of nature ?!
It was clear to me that here was my local and my gospel I wanted to give to many like me. Who want to live healthier.

Questions and Answers:


·     Is it possible to work / train as usual during the cleaning period?

Yes. We nourish the body adequately for daily activities and there is no prohibition to perform any action you are used to, you will even find that you have a lot more anger than usual. At the same time keep in mind that in the process of cleansing the body releases toxins in different ways and cleansing symptoms can be manifested in headache, weakness or other pain and therefore there may be certain day / days during the Psalms where it is better to rest than be active, it is very personal and variable.


·     Do you give a neat menu?

We believe that first of all one should give knowledge and a rational explanation about the process we are going through and knowledge about the food itself and once we understand the principles it is very easy to decide on our own how most comfortable to conduct during the day. Still, we are also given a sample menu that will be used by anyone who is comfortable working that way. In this way the process is suitable for both freestyle types and pre-order types ;-).


·     How do I know I can handle it?

Such a process does not have a state of "failure". Each day in itself is a great success so even if I came out of the cleansing after 3 or 5 days for the purpose of the sample, it means I was able to be cleansed anyway.

Most of our "cleaners" report that it was much easier than we imagined, most of them do not believe that they lasted 10 days and there are quite a few who even go on a little longer.

In any case, we are here to support day in and day out and give possible solutions to almost any situation.

Do you have an internal call for such a process? Do not hesitate ... Give TRUST and we will take care of the rest.

For recommendations, you can contact Noa Cohen, the Pilates instructor, and Shlomi Korkus, the owners of the studio who have just completed this process with these mentors.

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