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A friend brings a friend operation

So this yearWhen a friend brings a friend, it really got upgraded!!


Because we have two benefits that run at the same time and allow you to earn twice and even more.

What does it mean even more? 

Every friend you bring to us [no matter what the benefitthey choose] you will receive100 NIS discount in the following month or device tab in the value200 Cash [a tab of 10 device logins in addition to the monthly amount of device logins available in the subscription]

and of courseThat Double promotions, so for every additional friend you bring you will accumulate another benefit. For example, if you brought 4 friends - the discount will be400 chess or800 Check the Devices tabs.

Yes we know it's super worth it. ToFather Yo Tu!

So how do you spread this dust of love?

First of all, there is the new and stupid complex we are opening in Levantin [inside Abraham Hostel] - where all new entrants are offered a crazy free sale! of two months at half price.
[See ad below - the image can be saved and sent to friends]

And in addition, we believe in the good that this place does for people during this difficult time - that's why we came out with a "back to normal" grant for everyone who lives in the area and needs a little push to do good for themselves. This grant gives a NIS 200 benefit when purchasing a new subscription (the benefit is received the following month)

[See ad below - the image can be saved and sent to friends]


So come on - give on WhatsApp, teasing, and even excessive affection is accepted :)

* Please note that the sale is valid until 06/01/24 - so give gas

In order to redeem the benefit, fill in the member's details here - we will contact them and if they purchase a subscription, your benefit will be accepted.


הזינו את הפרטים בבקשה

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