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Corona update

On Sunday, they also start training at Pinsker 24!
And we are super excited 
So what's new?

  • A space new and amazing in its beauty for yoga and Pilates

  • More yoga and Pilates workouts and better hours

  • A new and sophisticated space for Pilates equipment

  • The studio in Tchernichovsky will undergo a slight facelift

  • The wtf workout will now happen Body Sculpt  And will be more available in the system

  • A new workout called  Barre - toning and design training based on exercises from the world of dance

  • A new workout called Burn Class - as its name implies - a workout that burns

The cost of admission to Pilates equipment is an additional cost of  150 NIS for 10 entries
In the case of a card there is no additional cost

So like we said, returning customers get a 30% discount on tabs (including devices)
The benefit is valid
  Until May 28th

Beloved community,
In these challenging days, we find ourselves navigating uncharted waters. After a week of closure, we reopened our doors yesterday. Returning to a semblance of routine is no easy feat, yet we believe in the therapeutic power of movement, human connection, and the collective support that we can find at the Locker Room. 

The future remains uncertain, and we can only hope that the worst is now behind us. Our prayers are directed towards brighter days ahead. 

Throughout the past week, we've been flooded with inquiries about the situation. Our silence during this time was a deliberate pause, a moment needed to assess the situation with utmost responsibility and sensitivity, both for our valued trainees and dedicated staff. 

The outpouring of concern extends beyond our walls, reaching community members profoundly affected by recent events. The financial support they require may be prolonged, and we're committed to offering not just emotional but tangible assistance. Our additional focus is on financially sustaining our staff and coaches, the backbone of our community.


At this stage, we've chosen not to categorically freeze the past week for everyone. Instead, we're channeling these resources exclusively towards supporting our community and coaching staff as they weather these unprecedented times. If this isn't applicable to you, we completely understand, and an application form is attached for your convenience. Please note that even if you've previously communicated a freeze request via email, we kindly ask you to complete the form. All freeze requests will be accepted retroactively. 

We promise that, in due course, we will devise a plan to recognize and uplift all those who chose to stand with us during this time.

Additionally, we're extending our efforts beyond our immediate community to assist residents from the south and north currently in the city. If you know individuals seeking a place to work out, please connect them with our reception, and we'll gladly enroll them in any class of their choice. For groups, we will be happy to organize a group training session for them. Every initiative is not just welcomed but celebrated!

In navigating this surreal situation, we find solace and strength in facing it together with you. We're bound by a shared love for our community and a collective resilience that will see us through

בקשתך התקבלה ותענה בקרוב

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