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Residents of the center and south of the city, the locker room is coming to you!!!
We are opening a stunning complex in the Levontin neighborhood [inside the Abrahams Hostel] 

The complex will have 4 studios with over 25 training sessions per day!

Studio for functional training and strength 
Studio for aerobic training and toning and design
Apparatus Pilates studio
Studio for yoga and pilates mat

Those who are not familiar with our trainings and our spaces - it is really recommended to walk around the site a bit 
In addition, we are offering a trial training for NIS 50 for those who want to taste a little of what the locker room is like.

The sale lasts until the opening of the complex on 1/23, so you should hurry and register

The sale includes the first two months at half price! And it is given only for training in the Labontin complex. At the end of the promotion, the subscription will be opened to enter all locker room complexes.


Leave details and we will get back to you today
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