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The largest and most up-to-date Pilates Equipment Studio in Tel Aviv collaborates with the oldest and most respected fitness teacher in the country, Nissim Zoarz, director and owner of Nissim Zoarz School. 


Pilates equipment is the most popular training today in Tel Aviv and in Israel in general. The requirement  Good Pilates instructors have always been high and today, more than ever. And that is exactly why we decided to collaborate and open a teacher training course that suits the demand in Tel Aviv.
An up-to-date, contemporary course whose entire purpose is to impart knowledge and tools until you become one of the best Pilates instructors in Israel. We have adapted the content of the course to modern science, to understand the needs of the market and to turn Pilates classes into a total, refreshing and innovative training device. Tradition is important, classic is good but it is necessary to look to the future and what the field has re-created with it !!!
Toning and shaping are not rude words in our course, but our goal. We are not a rehabilitation course, but a contemporary course that understands where this device is advancing in the world and what the future holds for us with it - in the US, the devices have already been upgraded to a more sophisticated and dynamic device.
So if you want to learn the future and not the past - your place is with us!  The course is intended for graduates of the Pilates Mattress course from the various schools in Israel and around the world.
A professional course booklet for all registrants and an international certification certificate from Nissim Zoarz School and Locker Rom for graduates.  
Opening date: 31.10.2021  | Days: A, D | Hours: 12: 00-16: 00 | Location: Locker Room branch - Gordon 36 Tel Aviv

Market-breaking price  5500  NIS

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