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A friend brings a friend operation

Hi everyone,
in light of
  Corona condition - we moved to work  Online.
We currently have 18 classes a day from eight in the morning until nine at night.
We hope we can thicken the system and integrate soon
  More favorite coaches in the system. 

In light of the situation, we decided to update the subscription price to
NIS 250 starting from the start of the restrictions [March 15]. Don't worry, you will receive a credit accordingly for the month of March. Those who subscribe to payments will also receive a credit.
Starting in April, the subscription price will be automatically updated to NIS 250 until the end of this crazy period.
This subscription is only offered to Locker Room customers [including those who have frozen / canceled] in order to try to maintain our community and uniqueness [it always scares us all kinds of weirdos who come in just to watch us practice].
However, if you want to add a friend / family member to the community you can do so. Just contact the reception on his behalf - by phone 03-5092727 or via WhatsApp 054-9916376. Anyone who is afraid of an obligation to explain to him that this is a temporary subscription until the rage passes - and that the price is also temporary.
In addition, you can also offer a tab of 10 workouts for 400 NIS.

Those who froze / canceled the subscription are of course more than welcome to return to this subscription and we will do the credit calculation on March that the crisis will end.
In order to  Cancel the freeze / cancellation, for the sake of good order, respond to the same email you sent requesting the freeze - this will make it easier for us to operate it at the end of the corona days.

Remember - you are not only helping yourself - you also support our guides and of course us - this is very important to us because we have not really gone online - we still have 4 rentals, property tax of hell  And a government that does not really help the self-employed.

We'll get through this! together!!!!!

We are available from morning to night by phone 03-5092727 or WhatsApp 054-9916376
Emails will only be left for freezes / cancellations please

a lot of love,

The Locker Room Community


Leave details and we will get back to you today
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