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Keren Ann is a clinical nutritionist and fitness trainer. Host of the TV show 'Morning Health' on Channel 13 and also a lecturer in companies and organizations.

Special price for locker room members 
5 sessions at the cost of  950 NIS  or  2 sessions at a cost of 600 NIS

  Want to determine? no problem! Send WhatsApp to 0547556657 and they will get back to you with all the details! Pleasant eating ...


We, Maya Ozdova and Yarden Sandik, dietitians, graduates in the nutrition sciences of the Hebrew University and Pilates instructors, founded the NIA to make the world of nutrition accessible to the entire population. NIA is an innovative platform for nutritional support through WhatsApp, which is available to its customers 24/7 and accompanies the customer from the stage of building the menu to its application and daily implementation. Beyond that our service supports the client in daily dilemmas, answering real-time questions, emphasizing a weekly training program, recipes and great content on the world of nutrition.

Special price for locker room members
  Is 300 NIS per month, without obligation, including building a menu and answering on Friday-Saturday. Contact us through the website and indicate that you are the locker customer


Paz Schuster, Clinical Dietitian RD specializes in sports nutrition and fitness trainer.
Has about 17 years of experience. In the past, he served as a sports nutrition coordinator on the Records Campus, and as a lecturer at Wingate, Tel Aviv University, teaching assistant in Tel Hai, and in complementary medicine schools. 11 Bar Giora St., 3rd floor near Dizengoff Center, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Another clinic is run in the village of Vitkin. Pricing for locker room members - 1640 NIS, for the first 5 meetings for coordination, please call or leave a message at 052-2440933