Arrival instructions


Note that there are no mattresses in outdoor training

Hotel plaza  carlton 

We have at our disposal every trigger of the Carlton Hotel overlooking the beach.

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We will meet and practice under the shed of the restaurants on the beach. This is a nice and relatively intimate corner
Arrival instructions:
* For those coming from Gordon Street: go down to Hayarkon Street, cross the road and go down the stairs to the sea. Take a left to the shed
* For those coming from Frishman Street: go to the promenade of the sea and take a right on the promenade to the shed

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Meir Garden
Enter Gan Meir from the entrance from Tchernichovsky Street and meet in the large plaza opposite the fitness facilities.
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Full body training  Listed in Tchernichovsky and Gordon will be made in the plaza opposite the compound. The coach will be waiting for you there with the equipment.


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