It happens!

On Sunday, they also start training at Pinsker 24!
And we are super excited 
So what's new?

  • A space new and amazing in its beauty for yoga and Pilates

  • More yoga and Pilates workouts and better hours

  • A new and sophisticated space for Pilates equipment

  • The studio in Tchernichovsky will undergo a slight facelift

  • The wtf workout will now happen Body Sculpt  And will be more available in the system

  • A new workout called  Barre - toning and design training based on exercises from the world of dance

  • A new workout called Burn Class - as its name implies - a workout that burns

The cost of admission to Pilates equipment is an additional cost of  150 NIS for 10 entries
In the case of a card there is no additional cost

So like we said, returning customers get a 30% discount on tabs (including devices)
The benefit is valid
  Until May 28th

Do it wholeheartedly