Questions and answers to the days of Corona

Updates 27.03.20

Opening an online lesson straight from the app:

Instead of entrance  For a zoom lesson via the SMS sent to you - we have upgraded and from today the link will appear 20 minutes before the lesson in a flashing form  In the main screen of the app  our ezshape  

Connecting from the computer:

The ZOOM application must be downloaded to your computer. You must enter before the lesson  To our app  ezshape and the description of the lesson we signed up for will show the ID number of the lesson in ZOOM. This number must be entered in the Zoom app under JOIN +
To download zoom

I regretted it and I want to go back to training:
No problem - just send an email [it is better to respond to the original email requesting a freeze / cancellation] and start practicing

And some numbers:
We are on an average of 5.2 workouts per week - which is 21 per month. Which means that the average cost of a lesson is 11 shekels



Updates 20.03.20

a question : I usually do workouts with fitness equipment that I do not have at home, how will it work online?

Answer :  All online training requires only a mattress / rug / towel. All with body weight.

Do you still want weights ??? All the pasta and rice you bought will be turned into weights! Sixes of water and fabric softener will also do the job!

And seriously, you can consult with the coach before the lesson if he has a recommendation on how to intensify the training with things we all have at home 😊

Alternatives that can be found in any Tel Aviv apartment:

Box? A chair!

Weights? Six water!

Gliders? A small rag / towel!

rubber band? Tights / tights! 

Back support triangle? A small pillow!

For yoga classes you can bring a scarf or something like a strap, a pillow for support and a blanket for relaxation.


a question : Did he let you buy fitness accessories from the locker room?

Answer :  We have mattresses for sale just like the mattresses in Pinsker / Gordon (in the Pilates yoga spaces).

The cost of the mattress is 200 shekels (we did not raise sworn prices, this is how it always has been).


a question :  Why X does not teach classes? Is it possible that Y will teach lessons?

Answer :  Our equipment and administrative manpower is very limited,  And in an emergency like now we have no option to give all of our amazing coaches online lessons. The more we get into the routine the more we will add coaches to the system of hours.

 a question :  I do not receive text messages with a link to the lesson:

Answer :  If you did not receive a text message, 10 minutes before the lesson, send a message to us on WhatsApp 0549916376 and we will send it to you via name!


a question :  I sent an email on Sunday, why are you not answering?

Answer :  Doing everything we can to take control of everything, little by little we will reach everyone.

The reason we asked to send emails is so that we can reach each and every customer and give an answer (even if it usually takes longer than on days like this).

If we have not answered yet - if you want to make sure we received you will send  WhatsApp - 0549916376.

a question :  Why do not you answer the phone ???

Answer :  We are currently in a limited format of employees, and the work is from home. If something is very very urgent please send us a message on WhatsApp, 90% of cases can be resolved through there. If you still want us to talk on the phone, register us there and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Hi everyone, A little bit more clarification regarding subscription freezes 

It is divided according to the type of subscription (if you are not sure what type of subscription you can send a message to our WhatsApp and we will tell you - 0549916376)

Subscription defined in time (year / half year / 8 months, etc.) -

Your subscription is paid through a payment transaction, which means that you have paid the entire subscription and it is divided into payments before your subscription time.

In this case, you will receive the freeze days you requested as an add-on to the subscription. - If you freeze 10 days you will get 10 days to the end of the subscription and so on. There is currently no further date for the end of the corona (da) so the total days you will receive will be from the date of the freeze request until the return to routine.

Renewable subscription (subscription that is not limited in time and is only one month notice for cancellation).

Your subscription is charged every month by standing order. This means that every month in our month we charge you.

Your freeze - From the day you apply for the freeze until the end of March, you will receive a credit for the days, as soon as we return to routine.  Regarding April May and the goddess (hopefully there will be no further) you will not see a charge at all.

The freeze will be released as soon as we all get back to routine!

  • If you want to try the online classes then decide on a freeze / no freeze this is totally an option. Just update us by email what you have decided.



We have no way to unsubscribe right now but just freeze them. Unsubscribing requires a month of notice / cancellation fee depending on the type of subscription you have. We will therefore freeze your subscription in full until the corona passes.

If the corona passes first we will credit you on the days of March and only after that will we return to charge the subscription.

If the corona ends and you want to cancel your subscription, the date of request to end the subscription will be the end date of the corona - so in fact - if you still want to cancel the subscription - the charge will be as if you canceled the day you sent the initial email - and thus not financially harmed in any way .   

  • All that is written above, will currently be retro active. The reason is that the craft is multiple and time is short. We do not ignore anyone on purpose, we ask that you try to understand our side as well and be patient.


Thanks for the support on days like this, hope you enjoy the lessons online!


Question: What is the difference between a freeze and a cancellation? / I want to unsubscribe but I have no interest in using the online classes in the month of notice

Answer :  We currently do not have an option to unsubscribe ☹, see above for more details. (Do not stress before reading everything !!! There will be a cancellation but after the chronosh)

Hopefully it will pass soon!