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CrosStudio training

Cross-studio training is a training that combines exercises from all our studio training -  Strength training from toning and shaping with aerobic exercises from the BURN training and complex exercises from the BARRE training. What makes it a "studio" is the choice of exercises that are mainly suitable for women and what makes it a CROSS  It is a training structure that is similar in shape to crossfit training - which means group training but each in its own time and pace.

Training  Gymnastics

Basic acrobatics training,  Combines work on durability, wheelchair, L-sit and many elements from the field of gymnastics. We will work on strength, flexibility, and technique that will lead you to impressive performance.

Suitable for: Very much for those who want to improve training techniques. And in particular yoga and athletics practitioners

InSane  Yoga

Shape  Another practice of yoga. The training is delivered by candlelight accompanied by rhythmic music. 
During the training, several traditional Ashtanga yoga series are performed, each series being performed many times in sequence and rhythm.
Hence the name of the workout
   - Because it's a little crazy.
Come try

Suitable for: trainees with basic fitness plus
Not recommended as a first yoga practice!


Zone Workout

The training takes place in five different areas of space. Each area and the goal set for it for training - strength, endurance, toning and shaping ... The purpose of the training is to go through all the components of physical fitness in one training.  Fun and special training. 

For everyone