What excitement

So you know we apologize first. We planned for the whole move to be smoother and unfortunately, not everything went as planned. We work around the clock to make sure you have as good a place as possible in the new place, and that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.


Question: So what's going to be next week?

Answer: From Sunday the 25th of the month until Monday the 5th of March we will work and redesign the place, unload equipment and do train simulations on the new trainings.


Question: How do we register for classes?

Answer: You can download the app now (there is a link below) and from Sunday morning it will work for you - you will need to register as a new user in the app - do not worry, it will identify you by your phone number. This app is almost identical to what you had.


Question: What's the story with the chip?

Answer: We must mark arrival for the lesson by transferring the chip at the entrance. Please find a time in the week of the 25th to go through Tchernichovsky to make a chip. Don't worry, you can come and sign up for classes even without a chip at first


Question: Does my subscription stay?

Answer: We do not change the terms of your subscription. If you want to change them in the future or switch to our pre sale subscription now, we will be happy to transfer you - your choice. (You will be given the option to upgrade to pre sale even a week or two after we reopen Queen Esther)


Question: Does my subscription include Pilates equipment?

Answer: If you stayed in your old subscription then no. But you can buy a ticket for 10 entries for Pilates equipment for 150 NIS. The tab is valid as long as you have an active subscription. If you have subscribed to a pre sale  You will have 4 entrances to Pilates equipment each month.


Question: What about the dance class I loved so much?

Answer: They stay on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday in the Tchernichovsky compound, and of course with Elia.


Question: What about our coaches?

Answer: We were able to transfer some of them to the new system. Unfortunately not all of them. But they are on our list. And as soon as we can put them in too.


Question: What is all the training there is now?

Answer :  So here is an explanation in a few words about each workout


FCT training: This is the equivalent of functional training that was in the system - functional station training

TRX INTERVAL training: T-rex training with an emphasis on aerobics

TRX INTERVAL training: T-rex training with an emphasis on strength

BOXING TRAINING  : Classic boxing

Conditioning training  : Training that is half outside and half inside - combines work on sprints or stairs with slow strength training in the studio

Athletics training: This is the equivalent of the crosstrain training that was in the old system.

Body Sculpt Training: Toning and shaping training

Burn Training: Hiit training  Whose whole purpose is to sweat as much as possible

Barre training  : Design toning training with exercises from the world of dance

L2 Pilates Training: This is an advanced Pilates class

Pilates training, Pilates apparatus, yoga Vinyasa and Ashtanga, as you already know


You can see the system at the following link  This is for impression only - the updated system is only in the app.



We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to call to ask questions,


The Locker Room team


To download the app



You must register as a new user in the application

See you soon