We missed

Hi beloved community
Feels so weird this situation - we are so used to being a meeting place - that it is not perceived that we are closed and alienated for so long.
It just does not make sense that instead of encouraging a sane and healthy lifestyle we are forced to shut ourselves in homes and exercise through a computer - and remotely.
We all hope you are all right - we're fine too. Not easy but we will get through it.
Sorry if we disappeared, it's a little hard to be connected from home and without the day-to-day meetings.
Happily, the curves from above, yesterday we were approved to coach outside!
And in addition we did a facelift to the zoom system

On Monday 23/11 we opened for a week the system for the week of his trials
* If you are on hold - you can practice and stay on hold. At 1.12 which ends this week you will have to decide if you continue with us at a cost of 250 shekels per month [December and onwards until we open the studio] or stay in the freezer. If you want to stay frozen just do not sign up for classes and the system will leave you frozen until we open the studio. Reminder of how the freeze works at this link https://www.lockeroom.co.il/corona1809 
* If you are our past subscribers - feel free to train this week - and if you want to continue with us - you will need to contact us at the beginning of the month in order for us to open a new subscription for you  Cost of 250 NIS per month [December onwards until we open the studio]

In terms of training:
Yoga and Pilates remained in zoom and in addition there will be outdoor training in the Carlton Hotel plaza [see below for directions]
Our functional training has been adapted for zoom and outdoor training. We changed their name to  full body workout  They will be transferred  In Gordon and Tchernichovsky's plaza and of course in zoom
The training studio  Adapted for zoom and outdoor training and are called power workout - strength training and toning and design,  And aerobics workout workout designed for those who want to burn as many calories as possible. Both will be transferred either to the beach or to Meir Garden  And of course in zoom

Instructions  Arriving at outdoor training will send you half an hour before training - but you can save this link as well  https://www.lockeroom.co.il/outdoor

Miss very much and hope for the best

Waiting to see you face to face