So some technical details are important before we start:  

  • Registration for training opens 48 hours before the desired training [except for Pilates training devices where registration opens 24 hours before the desired training]

  • For device subscribers [upgraded and device equipment] + all tabs - registration for Pilates equipment opens 48 hours before training  

  • Registration can be canceled up to two hours before training. Please be responsible for the issue.  

  • It is important to pass a chip at each entrance to the compound in order to signal to the system that you have indeed arrived at the class. If the chip is not on you - contact the coach to mark you.

  • If you have not twice reached the training you registered for within two weeks, the app will be blocked for you and you can only register through the reception for two weeks from the first deduction. Registration through the app will automatically open 14 days after the first submission.

  • Arrive on time for classes, can be after up to 5 minutes.  

  • Freezing or canceling a subscription will be done by sending a request via the app or via email  lockeroom1@gmail.com  

  • Can be frozen indefinitely. The subscriber is entitled to a 14-day freeze free of charge in each calendar year. Beyond that the freeze will be credited with 50% of the cost.

  • Can not be frozen retroactively.

  • Unsubscribe - requires one month's notice.  

We are available on both WhatsApp and phone number - so save the phone 035092727  ​


Regarding nutrition: You can consult with all our trainers on the subject. Everyone and his / her personal style. If you want something more orderly, we have collaborations with three leading nutritionists -  https://www.lockeroom.co.il/nutritionist


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