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We are happy to announce updates and additions to Locker Rom.

In light of the demand for studio-space classes  The endurance in Queen Esther is different to the studio.

  • There will no longer be  Endurance training - unfortunately there was not enough demand for this class

  • Instead, there will be a lot of studio training there like in Tchernichovsky


New training !!

Cross-Studio Training -  A workout that combines exercises from all of our studio workouts -  Strength training from toning and shaping with aerobic exercises from the BURN training and complex exercises from the BARRE training. What makes it a 'studio' is the choice of exercises that are mainly suitable for women and what makes it a CROSS  It is a training structure that is similar in shape to crossfit training - which means that the training is group but each in its own time and pace.

Hours system changes  

  • More yoga

  • More Pilates

  • More BOXING classes

  • More studio classes - Burn, BodySculpt, CroosStudio 

  • Advance of morning classes to earlier hours

Getting ready for NightRun together  

  • Every Friday at 10:00 there will be a running workout. Train together and run together


New equipment   

  • We have renewed a new floor in the TRX space 

  • We moved the rowing machines  Tchernichovsky - which means another position in FCT and Athletics coaching

  • We moved the bicycle devices to a functional space in Queen Esther -  - Which means, another position in FCT and ZONE training

Community events   

  • Sea training on Friday 19/10 at 10:00 with Omri

  • Community Outing - On Friday 26.10 we meet at Voodoo Bar at 13:00 - there will be a table reserved just for us

  • Acro Yoga practice on Saturday 3.11 at 19:30 in the studio in Pinsker

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Have a great winter,

The Locker Room team